Producing high-end yachts and powerboats always best in quality, comfort and performances. This is the aim of Sarnico Group, the Italian-based company that has 20 years of experience. The shipyard produces a range of boats that goes from 24 to 80 feet , all of them designed to last over time thanks to the collaboration with renowned architects and designers such as Carlo Nuvolari, Dan Lenard, Brunello Acampora and Dante O. Benini.  The unique and elegant furniture of the cabins - crafted by master carpenters of Lake Iseo which still carry on their traditional techniques - alongside with innovative construction techniques and accurate assembly, ensure sturdiness and quality, while the hulls offer excellent performance and low fuel or energy consumption.

The design and modeling of the boats are made with the help of computer systems and robotic cutters. The optimization of each layouts is obtained by full-scale mock up. The efficiency of the hulls and propulsion systems is experienced with dynamic tests. One of the largest and most modern booths allows to achieve aesthetic results at the highest level.



Cantieri di Sarnico started in 1992 on Lake Iseo (Italy). In 1997 the company was taken over by Foresti family, which through a major business development plan takes the company to reach in a short time, remarkable goals. In 2001 was produced the Sarnico 65, first model coupe, and the Sarnico 58, with the largest hull openness.

Luigi and Antonio Foresti, respectively CEO and president of the company, have inherited his father's passion for the craft and from the earliest age have learned how to sail. The nautical experiences also include competitions, culminating with the victory of Luigi Foresti in the longest speed race in the world, the Venezia - Monte Carlo, and later with the success of the Sarnico yacht in the 2004 and 2005 editions of the Viareggio - Monte Carlo - Viareggio Cup.

Sarnico boats were as well repeatedly awarded: at the Genoa Boat Show 2004, the Sarnico 50 won the "Boat of the Year" title and the Sarnico Spider, the sportier boat of the entire range which was lauched in 2006, has been elected "European Powerboat of the Year 2007."

 In the same year the shipyard initiated the study of hulls more efficient propulsion systems in collaboration with the Victory Design Studio by Brunello Acampora and prepares the "concept boat" Spider V. At the same time Sarnico's shipyard issued the Arcidiavolo that became a remarkable "concept boat."

In 2007, Cantieri di Sarnico acquires Giacomo Colombo Spa, historic shipyard founded in 1956 and renowned for the construction of high class fast boats and day cruisers. 

Today the range is even wider: in 2009-2010 were presented seven among the most innovative models, five branded Colombo - 26 and 36 Bellagio, 37 Alldays, 24 Super Indios Electric, 25 Super Indios - and two from Cantieri di Sarnico, Spider Special Edition and the new flagship "Grande" an 80 feet, which stands for style and performance. At 2011's Genoa Boat show the company presented two new boats: the Sarnico Spider GTS 46 and the Colombo 39 Alldays. 

This year the group Sarnico presented its first tender for a vessel of more than 80 feet, the Colombo Super Indios 32.

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